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The Council for Developing Positive Youth Culture (DPYC) has been in existence for over 15 years. The mission is to create and sustain a positive culture for Ellington's youth through collaboration among the community, schools, and town agencies. The DPYC also serves as the coalition for a federal grant the town received for the prevention of underage drinking. Two subgroups were created from this coalition, The Parent Connection and Rise Above Youth Leadership Group. In addition, a media campaign was also initiated in response to student survey results regarding how youth get their alcohol. For more information on the DPYC, subgroups and the media campaign, click on their logos.



















     Most abused prescription drugs come from family and friends. You could be a drug dealer and not even know it!


     In 2010, almost 3,000 young adults died

from prescription drug overdoses - more

than died from overdoses of any other drug,

including heroin and cocaine combined.





Five Steps to Safety

  1. Take inventory of your prescription and over-the counter medicine.
  2. Secure your medicine cabinet.
  3. Safely dispose of your unused, unwanted, and expired medicine.
  4. Take your medicine exactly as prescribed.
  5. Talk to your children about the dangers of prescription drug abuse..they are listening!


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National Take Back Day

10 am to 2 pm


Resident State Troopers' Office


April 26, 2014



Ellington Prescription Drug

Take Back Day


June 7, 2014


9 am to noon

Ellington Resident State Troopers' Office

33 Arbor Way















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